Animals: Sorry, dogs remains at home.
Dogs are not allowed on the festival and campgrounds!
1. Animal welfare: Due to the extremely loud music and loud engine noises animals may be disturbed, panic and pull away. This represents a significant risk.  Furthermore, the rubber fog at the burnouts are extremely harmful for sensitive dogs noses.
2. Security aspect for visitors: So they will not be bitten. Many people are afraid of dogs.
3. Security aspect for dog owners: In order for these can be supplied in an emergency by paramedics / doctor (dog protected)


We would be happy if everybody would follow the following things that we will be able, also in the future, to keep/offer moderate prices. Basically: Everything you bring with you , take it back home with you Your claimed area has to be kept clean and you have to leave it after the event Furniture, bulky waste, etc. you are not allowed to bring with you to the camping ground Waste goes to the bin-liners and these ones go to the offered containers (please no hot coal ) This is basically good for the nature. Thank you very much.

The allowance depends on the authorizing body and the fire-phase Basically it is allowed, but just with a grill and not directly on the grass. Open fire is basically not allowed! Tasty and fresh sausage and meat products can be bought in butcher shop Strohofer which is on location.

Sound level
We ask for consideration to neighbours and citizens of Geiselwind, by day and night! Separate motors, huge stereo etc. stay at home that we will be able to offer camping ground also next year. To willfully disorderly conduct and aggressive attitude a sending-off follows.

There are different toilets in the Eventhall, Toilet-Houses and mobile Boxes / DIXI on the Campground. There are Showers on the campground (near by chilibar) and at the "Rasthof" (chargeable).

We ask you to omit urinate wild.

Drone flights prohibited:
Taking pictures / filming by drone is strictly prohibited!

On the area there are 2 Shops who sell backery products, a butcher, roadhouse (24h), Burger King, gas station, etc. In the shop there is everything available like sanitary products, camping articles, drinks, barbeque staff, food and snacks, handy equipment etc.

Parking chargeable!
Festivaparking Cars, caravan, trailer even 10,00 €/Weekend
Camper 20,00 €/Weekend
(Electricity and water is not possible).
Bikes are free

Hotels in and around Geiselwind

Taxi available at Festival