American Cars

If you want to present your own car, of course you're always welcome at any time.

In the following classes the cars can be reported and evaluated:

  • People Choise (car with the most audience votes
  • Rarity (Jury Assessment)    
  • Best Muscle Car (Jury Assessment)
  • Best Streetmachine (built 1967 to 1980 - tuned Muscle Car)
  • Best Hot Rod (until 1949)
  • Best old style (no year limitation, old style car and look with usage traces)
  • Best Pick Up (up to 1979)
  • Best 50 (built 1950 - 1959)
  • Best 60 (year 1960 - 1969)
  • Best 70 (built 1970 - 1979)
  • Best Pick Up (from 1980)
  • New Age (from 1980)
  • Best Jeep (4x4 4x4 without year limitation)
  • Best European (European producer)
  • Best Van (No Year Restriction)

The winners of the respective classes are determined both from the counting of the audience votes and from a jury of experts, the proportion of the assessment being 2/3 for the audience and 1/3 for the jury. The winners of the respective classes receive a trophy, the first and second places are additionally endowed with money prizes. From 6 participants per class a 2nd place is awarded, from 12 participants also a 3rd place.

Each participant pays the normal entrance fee, a separate entry fee is not charged. For each exhibited vehicle, participants will receive 1 event T-Shirt as a present.

The cup will be awarded after the counting of all votes on Sunday from 11:00. Only vehicles that are still on the pitch at this time are valued. The counting of the votes takes place on Saturday from 22:00 clock, later voices can not be taken into account.

The winners will be informed by special flyers on the vehicle and have to report to the relevant information booth at 9 am.

For further questions please inform This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..