Campsite for the "Bike-and-Music-Weekend" festival in Geiselwind

(changes provided...)

We provide various meadow tent pitches for festival guests from Thursday 12.00 clock to Sunday 16.00 clock. See the map. These are opened as required. However, there is no place claim.

With the purchase of a Festivaltickets you can also camp (as long as enough space), but please only on the designated areas, which are opened one after another in order to use the places as effectively as possible. Please travel together, or take the tents to the construction! Reservations are not possible. The sports pitch is free of tents! Burnouts are not allowed on the campsite. The bringing of glass, pyrotechnic objects, weapons is not permitted. Of course, the folders must be followed. Wild camping and entering the forest is forbidden. We ask for consideration of nature. We can not provide power connections.

Escape routes
The gravelled / fortified paths are rescue routes and free to keep. The regulations are based on the requirements of the various licensing authorities and on general safety.

Driving behavior
The German Law (STVO / STVZO) is valid on the entire site.
No trips under the influence of alcohol, without driving license, without authorization (your liability insurance expires). Please do not leave wild. (No pocket bikes and similar) Night driving prohibition is valid from 22:00 to 08:00 to the security of all visitors.

Forest Fire Level
In the case of long-lasting drought from forest fires 3 or strong wind, open fires are prohibited. Likewise, smoking on all unsettled surfaces. Information on the currently prevailing forest fires depends on the TicketCenter.

Drone flights prohibited:
Taking pictures / filming by drone is strictly prohibited!

Youth protection
At our events we are subject to the "Act for the Protection of Youth in the Public" (German Law on JÖSchG):

The following legal provisions apply:

1. Children under 16 years of age may only attend the event accompanied by a person (parents) or person in charge of their education.
2. Young people from 16 to 18 years of age are allowed to attend the event without accompanying persons until 24 hours at the latest.
3. Young people from 16 to 18 years of age are allowed to attend the event after 24 hours, accompanied by a person (parents) or a person who is responsible for education.
This applies to the event grounds and the CampGround.

The person in charge of the education must be at least 18 years old and have educational competence in order to be able to set limits for the young person, especially with regard to alcohol consumption. The person in charge of the education must be present during the entire event. Only one adolescent can be supervised by one accompanying person.

The numbering of the tent areas
Was further subdivided for a better orientation on the site. Please also note this for an emergency and then specify the location area.

CP 1.1
We have reserved for US-CARs of the CAR-Show (driveway only as long as the space is enough!) The entrance to the entrance is through the cashier's office) CP 1.2 open hall to be even better for The US Cars. Stand allocation at the US Car-Info.

CP 1.2 to CP 1.13
Here is the campsite for bikers and festival guests, so only bikes (single-track vehicles) and tents are allowed. No motorhomes, trailers, buses, cars, quads, Poket-Bikes! Please take care to park your bikes with a safe stand and choose the right place.

NEW in 2016: CP 3.1 and CP 3.2 is now P4
Permanent parking for cars from weekend visitors. Access to the campground within walking distance. New wheelbarrows are available for the transport of the luggage and are given on deposit. (Festival visitors with weekend ticket, which arrive and depart daily, park in the parking lot of the day visitors P3). (Service on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 7pm Luggage shuttle only for further tent areas such as C.P.1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 Luggage: tent and personal belongings in normal size)

CP 2
Please note the separation of the tent and the parking area. The entrance / entrance is only possible with a current ticket.
The route from CP 2 to the event site is public transport. One must expect to be controlled. It applies the German Law on STVO / STVZO, so also mandatory to war a helmet!

CP 2.1
At these camping ground cars and tents are possible, however no caravans and trailer. The cars have to be parked according to the requirements

CP 2.2
Only parking area for cars and bikes. AF = Action area for rescue vehicles, must remain free.

CP 2.3
Only tents

CP 2.4
Only mobile homes, residential trailers and trailers - chargeable (electricity and water connection is not possible)

P3 - Single Day-Parking for Cars - no Camping.

Parking chargeable!
Festivaparking Cars, caravan, trailer even 10,00 €/Weekend
Camper 20,00 €/Weekend
(Electricity and water is not possible).
Bikes are free

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